As a Floridian, you know that storm season is rough and theft problems are common—especially if you have low-quality windows. Instead of worrying about replacing your ordinary window with another type that’s just as breakable, consider the benefits of hurricane impact windows.

Storm Protection

If you’re currently back at home this hurricane season, check out hurricane-proof windows for next time as they have better protection against hurricanes and other storms. They go through tests to determine their strength before they’re approved. The first test requires shooting projectiles from cannons at various areas of the window, and if it survives the impact, it continues to the second test, which involves a pressure machine. The pressure machine blows different pressure points onto the glass, and if the holes made from the projectiles are less than five inches and not larger than a three-inch sphere, they pass the test and can be placed on residences and businesses.

Discounts on Insurance

People who upgrade their home appliances can also enjoy the benefit of getting discounts through their insurance company. Having hurricane impact windows can save you plenty of money, and if you’re unsure if your insurance provider has such a policy, contact your agent to find out. The savings you get from your coverage can counteract the original cost of the window installation on your home.

Improve Energy Efficiency

You can also save a lot on energy costs. When you’re living in Florida, it’s hard finding leeway from paying a lot in energy bills. However, even with the heat beating down, you can help reduce its harshness by installing hurricane impact windows for Orlando homes. Since they’re made with a laminate coating, the effects of the harsh sunlight are reduced when they filter through into your home.

Soundproof Technology

No one likes hearing distracting noises, especially if they’re very loud. So, why be surrounded by bothersome sounds when you have the choice to reduce them instead? Hurricane windows can help block out loud noises; this is especially useful if you live near a busy city or a highway. When you use these windows, you can live in peace and quiet.

Better Theft Protection

Sliding doors and windows are easy to break through. If you experience theft often, you might want to reach out to Florida Window and Doors Solutions to quickly replace your current windows with hurricane-impact ones. The glass is impact-resistant, which is a great advantage if you live somewhere that experiences a lot of break-ins.

After discovering the amazing benefits of hurricane impact windows, there’s no reason for you not to contact Florida Window and Doors Solutions. We can provide your home with the right replacement windows. Whether it’s to protect your family from storms or you need more protection from thieves, Florida Window and Doors Solutions can easily install the perfect hurricane impact windows.