Gulf Coast residents understand the dangers of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, and the damage it can cause to one’s home. Despite the threats extreme weather poses, innovations with various building materials can lessen a hurricane’s devastating effects. Learn about the benefits of impact patio doors in Florida and why you should install them in your Florida home.

How Impact Glass Differs from Regular Glass

Impact glass differs from convention glass during the creation process. Impact glass’ design can withstand blunt force without shattering. Manufacturers apply a special laminate to window panes that make impact glass very different from conventional glass panes. The strength and flexibility of impact glass make it ideal for homes that regularly experience extreme weather.

Protection from Flying Debris

During extreme weather events, debris will likely fly into your impact windows and doors. The damage this brings to your property is only the initial concern. If glass panes break, each piece can become a potential projectile that can cause further harm to residents and the property. Plus, broken glass is an extra hazard to be cautious of when it comes time to clean up after the storm. As such, installing impact patio doors in Florida homes and commercial properties can add tremendous value. Protection from flying debris is one of the benefits of impact patio doors in Florida.

Decrease Property Damage

Impact glass not only refrains from becoming a hazard itself, but it can protect your property from further damage during extreme weather. Consider this—your window breaks during a storm. Therefore, that open window becomes a space for wind, water, and debris to enter your property and cause further destruction. The added protection of impact glass doors prevents a storm from compromising your patio doors or windows.

Other Threats

Impact glass can also add a layer of protection from forces other than extreme weather. Intruders may see a patio door as the perfect way to enter your home. Impact glass can prevent burglars from applying force to your glass and makes entering your home considerably difficult. In the grand scheme of things, replacing one patio door is preferable to replacing all your valuable belongings.

While there is no sure-fire way to provide complete protection for your house, there are many benefits to installing impact patios doors to Florida homes. Protect your Florida condo, home, or commercial property by employing experienced professionals to install your new impact doors.