Impact windows are a great addition to every home as they protect your home from bad weather and flying debris while limiting drafts and leaks. However, installing new windows can be extensive, so timing the installation is important. Here’s a look at the best season to install these impact windows in your home.

The Best Season

Both the summer and spring are great times to install your impact windows, with spring as the more ideal time of the two. However, it’s also a popular time for window installations, so you may need to settle for early fall if you can’t find a time to install the windows in your home.

Your Comfort

The first reason spring is such an ideal time for installation is that you can keep your home warm even when the windows are gone. The installation will expose your home to the weather outside as the old windows are replaced with new ones. The spring and summer weather will match your home’s ideal temperature and make it comfortable when changing out your windows.

Calmer Weather

Changing windows when there’s a storm or heavy wind can damage your home and put workers in danger. In most places, the spring and summer have calmer weather patterns, so you’ve more opportunities to change your windows. This is especially true for most southern US states; for example, Florida impact windows are a necessity as hurricanes, and other severe weather happen frequently.

Caulking Timeline

Another reason to aim for the spring and summer is the caulk that holds the windows in place dries faster and is stronger when it’s warm. This will shorten your installation time and may improve the protection in your home because of the ideal weather during installation. That’s why these are the best times for installing impact windows.

Many homeowners choose the spring when renovating their homes, as the season provides the best conditions for construction.