Floridians know about living through extreme weather conditions. High winds make it impossible to drive, and the power usually goes out. Yet, it’s nothing they can’t handle. These people just need the right equipment by their side so that they stay safe no matter what. In addition, the right materials will protect their house from the elements and prevent it from getting destroyed. One thing that the citizens of Florida need is impact-resistant doors. This article will explain the difference between normal and impact-resistant doors for those who want to make a change. When facing harsh weather conditions, impact-resistant doors are the way to go. Since more testing is done on them, these incredibly sturdy, high-quality doors are stronger and ideal for the people of Florida.

Normal Doors

Normal doors are often called builder’s standard doors. Typically, there are two skins (sides) with an insulating filler in the middle. They can be made out of wood, aluminum, or a combination of both. In addition, there’s usually a spot where the lock goes. Normal doors are tested against certain security threats; however, they aren’t as strong as other options out there. Wood and aluminum would crack against heavy rains and high winds. If this happened, the entire frame would shatter, making the wall inside and outside of the house soaking wet.

We should mention, however, that one benefit of sticking with builder’s standard doors is that they’re cheaper than the alternative. However, impact-resistant doors pay for themselves in the long run. The primary reason why impact-resistant doors cost more money is because they go through more testing than the average door. Unsurprisingly, this additional testing costs money. Yet, the purchase will pay for itself in the end. If you happen to need more convincing, the remainder of this piece will discuss why impact doors are the better choice for those who live in hurricane-prone areas.

Impact-Resistant Doors

Unlike builder’s standard doors, impact-resistant doors can withstand extreme weather conditions. These doors are put through rigorous tests to ensure they won’t shatter against high-speed winds or heavy rains. The doors are made of fiberglass skins with a polyurethane core that make them incredibly strong against the elements. Impact-resistant doors also have reinforced hinges and frames that normal doors don’t. Now, we’ll discuss exactly what impact-resistant doors protect against.

Impact Debris

Builder’s standard doors will probably shatter if something hits them. This is not the case with impact-resistant doors. On the other hand, impact-resistant doors will stay strong against anything that hits them. This quality is perfect for Floridians who experienced high wind volume storms on a regular basis. The last thing you want in the middle of a storm is to have the door break open and let the water in. Examples of common storm debris include tree branches and materials coming off of buildings.


Floridians living on the Melbourne Beach side of the state experience hurricanes more than any other region. For this reason, these residents should have strong windows and doors to protect themselves against hurricanes and ensure that water does not make its way inside. If water was able to enter inside the garage or the house, it could spell disaster for homeowners. Consequently, residents should get hurricane-resistant doors that withstand high winds and heavy rains. Not only will their place be protected, but these superior doors can keep you safe if you decide to stay home during the storm.

Home Invasion

Impact-resistant doors are specifically designed to withstand objects being thrown at them. Decorative glass on an impact door will not shatter the way it does on a normal door. Consequently, these objects are great against intruders and people trying to break in. Sometimes, a security system isn’t enough to fully deter intruders and stop them in their tracks.


Floridians need more home insurance than the average U.S. citizen because of where they live. This home insurance can be expensive because there are so many storms then occur around the area. Luckily, some insurance companies offer discounts for those who install impact-resistant doors and windows. This is just another reason to make the switch today.

Increased Property Value

Another thing to know about the difference between normal and impact resistant doors is that the latter increases property value. Again, Floridians are no strangers to severe weather. As a result, homebuyers in the state want to see houses with features that accommodate their needs. People look for things like a raised floor and, of course, impact-resistant doors and windows. So, think about getting these installed before you put your place on the market. You may be able to list your abode for more because of the change.


An added benefit of impact-resistant doors is their design. Regular doors seem flimsy in comparison to weather-safe options. Impact doors, on the other hand, are thicker and more substantial. Moreover, the designs within the polyurethane glass are more intricate than the more average counterparts. So, if you want your house to look amazing and stay protected from the elements, think about getting weather-resistant doors today.

Florida Window and Door Solutions offer the best custom door replacement in Orlando. We understand what a mess you can have on your hands if water makes its way inside from a tropical storm or hurricane. We also know the danger of something breaking through the doors or windows. So, give us a call for professional installation today.

More hurricanes hit Florida than any other state in the U.S.—if you live in this state, this information surely doesn’t surprise you. Still, that doesn’t deter people from wanting to live in the sunshine state. After all, there are plenty of attractions, such as beaches and theme parks. Though, with these cool attractions comes the dangers of these storms. For this reason, people need to prepare their home against Mother Nature. The best thing to do is get custom weather-resistant windows that can withstand intense climatic conditions. There’s no better place to call than Florida Window and Door Solutions for your impact-resistant needs.

The Difference Between Normal and Impact-Resistant Doors