Your front door is an important part of your home, as it’s one of the first things people notice about your home. It’s also the main access point to your house. However, there are some issues with the front door that you can’t avoid unless you invest in an extra door. There are two popular options for this: the storm and the screen door. This article will cover the differences between them.

Door Materials

The first major difference between these options is the material and slight design changes between them. A screen door normally has a thin metal mesh. That mesh can also be glass or plastic. On the other hand, a storm door can use impact-resistant glass that focuses on withstanding and keeping out harsh outdoor conditions.

Home Protection

The main point of these doors is to help protect your home, but they offer different types and levels of protection. The screen door prevents bugs and small debris from entering your home, especially on windy days. The storm door helps protect your primary front door from heavier weather like ice and rain to extend its life and lower maintenance costs. Lots of people utilize front entry door replacement services to install these doors with new front doors to protect their investment.


While a storm door offers more protection, it does prevent airflow through your doorway. Many people like to leave their doors open to let air move through the house but still want protection against bugs and the like. That’s possible if they choose the screen door for their home. That’s where the main differences between screen doors and storm doors lie.

Both these options are great choices for your home. What you choose depends on what you want. While the difference between the two options is meaningful, one isn’t always better than the other. Both have their uses, and finding the one that meets your need is the most important thing you can do.