Florida weather can be rough on doors, so knowing the benefits of each type of door is essential to choosing the best doors for your house or condo. Check out this helpful guide to the most common types of doors and the benefits they can add to your home.

French doors

French doors can add charm and beauty to a home. French doors are double doors where only one side opens. Each door is outfitted with glass panels. They’re great options because they let natural lighting flow into your home, creating a wide-open and fresh-feeling environment. Many people feel apprehensive about investing in French doors for their entryways due to the doors’ large glass surface, but with a strong glass, they’re actually very durable and long-lasting.

Sliding glass doors

Mainly composed of glass, sliding glass doors slide open and shut with one moving panel and one static panel. These are commonly used for entryways onto patios and balconies. The large area of glass adds the same coveted natural lighting to a home. The main draw of sliding glass doors is their space-saving openings. Homeowners can open their doors to let the warm, fresh Florida air into their homes without the worry of wind blowing the doors open and closed. The glass used in sliding glass doors is similar to that used in French doors; weatherproof and impact-resistant, it can improve insulation and provide UV protection.

Impact doors

Impact doors are a very popular door type for Florida homeowners. They provide comfort and peace of mind because they’re designed to resist any impact, whether from severe weather or break-in attempts, protecting the home and the people and possessions inside it. French doors and sliding glass doors can be made into impact doors if you select impact glass as the building material. Impact patio doors in Florida are extremely common because of their many benefits and high quality.