Homebuyers today are looking for more than a two-car garage or an additional bedroom. Instead, many prospective purchasers seek homes that look and feel good. For instance, if you have an updated porch or new landscaping, many consumers will flock to your place. So, as you garner the courage to increase your house’s value, review the most critical factors of curb appeal.

Siding and Roofing

When you’re remodeling your home to improve the exterior’s aesthetic, consider the color and material used and the current condition of your house’s roof and siding. If you neglect the siding but focus on the top, a buyer might notice and make a mental note that the homeowner doesn’t care about their home’s siding.

If you focus on both the siding and roof, you’ll show current buyers that the home is maintained and that you care about its curb appeal. To improve the overall look of your siding, focus on using the right color. For instance, dark hues make a home look smaller and feel cozy, whereas light colors make a home look prominent and formal.

Entry Door

Since the front door is the first thing people notice before they enter a house, you need to ensure yours feels inviting to improve the chances of someone buying your home.

The type of door you buy should also represent your personality. Having a custom entry door can add individuality to the home. From changing the color and material type to adding in different window styles, a customized door can improve your home’s style in many ways.


Windows that are well-maintained will attract many potential homebuyers. To increase the stakes of someone buying your home, consider replacing your windows with energy-efficient options, which can save money on energy bills.

Look at other homes and count how many windows are on each side of the house. Having too many windows—or too few—isn’t great. Make your home stand out by adding windows in areas that need natural light.


Landscaping is a huge aspect of curb appeal. Additionally, having a gorgeous yard will make the living experience more pleasurable for new homeowners. An improved landscape can enhance the look of your home and even make the neighborhood more desirable.

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