Not one Florida home is the same. When you purchase a house in Florida, you’re encouraged to customize it to your heart’s content. While you’re looking for ideas on entrance and pane styles, look at our guide filled with the most popular door and window styles for Florida homes.

Popular Florida Home Door Styles

The front, back, and side doors help keep guests on their toes, as it reveals the element of surprise waiting on the other side. Whether you’re looking to add modern features or contemporary with a subtle classic style, this section helps inspire you to find the kind that speaks to you.

Why Do Doors Swing Outwards in Florida?

The fact that a door swings outwards might sound startling to some non-Floridians, but if you’re a native-Floridian, you know the reason a door swings out. For those that don’t know, the door won’t swing off its hinges, providing more protection during the impact of a hurricane.

You must create an entry that meets Florida building codes when designing and replacing exterior doors in Orlando. The building codes require doors to swing outwards because of high winds and items that could cause serious accidents. So, when paired with an outward swinging door, the home becomes more powerful, and protection from weather and burglaries is much stronger.

The Classic Style

The classic door theme never goes out of style, with many ways to help a home retain its history. You can find a traditional door made primarily from wood, fiberglass, and metal. Additionally, you can customize these door types to fit any home style.

The Contemporary Entrance

It’s good to help a home preserve its history and unprovoked beauty, but it’s also essential to help it feel up to date. In other words, adding on a modern entrance to your home can make the house feel sleek and clean.

Typically, a contemporary door has straight lines with raised panes or panels. Additionally, the minimalistic lifestyle is on-trend; therefore, the modern door is usually a better choice since it’s a single door.

The Arch Entry

If the porch is the highlight of every party, it’s time to start thinking outside of the box when adding new elements to your home.

The arched entry leaves a lot to admire, especially with its unique arch-shaped top. Choose a door that helps your home stand out and even ups your home’s value.

Traditional Craftsman Door

Like the modern door, the craftsman has sleek lines that give a home a cleaner look. Often, you find these doors made from wood with small glass inserts along the top. A homeowner can customize the windows any way they’d like, especially if they want extra privacy.

The customizations include:

  • Frosted windows
  • Stained glass
  • Painted glass

Tips for Choosing an Exterior Door Style

When choosing your exterior door style, keep a few things in mind when shopping for the perfect theme that makes your home shine. Here are a few tips to follow for choosing an exterior door style.

Selecting the Material

Your door typically comes made from one of five common materials:

  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Glass

Due to the wide range of materials, it gives you the freedom to create the door that’s right for you. So, as you select your material, make sure your choice can withstand harsh weather conditions, meets building codes in your area, and helps you feel safe.


The best way to save on energy bills and help keep heat in during the winter months is to pick an entryway with enough insulation to keep out the elements.

Although Florida doesn’t see snow, unless you live in the far Northern part of the state, you still need to ensure your home keeps out the elements. Similar to the Northern hemisphere, the weather here can fluctuate from day to day, so ensure your home’s well-insulated.

Popular Florida Home Window Styles

Even though picking a personalized door excites us, we can’t miss out on selecting the best windows to open up and let the natural light pour in around the house.

Here’s what you need to know about the most popular window designs for Florida homes.

The Double-Hung Window

A double-hung window is the pinnacle of all window designs. The greatest thing about the double-hung window is that it works great with every homestyle. Additionally, they have sashes that allow the panes to tilt, making cleaning easier.

The Casement Pane

The casement pane is a hinged window with sashes that let it swing outward. Many homeowners can benefit from these panes as they allow users to open the window for better airflow. In other words, the air quality improves faster.

Additionally, closing the window prevents intruders from breaking into your home. Usually, you find this style alongside the coast where Mediterranean-style homes sit.

The Horizontal Slider

The horizontal slider is a popular style for ranch-inspired homes that opens side to side, rather than up and down. It’s perfect for spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. For many, it adds privacy and gives smaller areas the chance to appear more prominent.

Tips for Choosing a Window Style

It’s a good idea to keep these tips in mind when choosing your window to better understand what design to look for. Ensure the windows have hurricane resistance, modern designs, and black as an optional finisher.

Hurricane Impact Windows

When undergoing your window replacement, ensure that the windows can withstand bad weather. Manufacturers create hurricane impact windows from tempered glass sealed with a thin plastic called polyvinyl butyral, commonly known as vinyl.

Having a hurricane impact window can also help reduce noise and save on energy bills. So if you want a home that feels more secure during hurricane season, a hurricane impact window is your best choice.

Every home’s style is different, so make it your own with a customized door or window replacement. After you finish reading the most popular door and window styles for Florida homes, we hope it brings more inspiration your way.

Florida Window and Door Solutions is the first choice for many Floridians who need their windows and doors replaced with efficient ones. As you prepare to choose the final product, reach out to us for replacement door and window rates.

The Most Popular Door and Window Styles for Florida Homes