There are several problems we need to go over with you, homeowner. There are things you may not notice right away, but they’re evident to many, including the neighbors. If you’ve seen that your door takes longer to close, you may pass it off as the door aging, but it’s really because the material’s expanded or changed in some way.

Homeowners face a constant need to update and fix their door when needed; however, it’s not something many think about until the door suffers other problems such as weakened hinges and fungi damage. Your entries don’t need to suffer any longer; with a quality door specialist, you can have brand new doors sooner. Find out more about the telltale signs you need to replace your exterior doors.

The Door Becomes Harder To Open

Is the door harder to open? If so, there are likely underlying problems than the door’s age. Before, there was a door that opened and closed easily, but now, all it does is make it harder to get the strike plate over the metal latch.

It shouldn’t be difficult—none of it should; the smartest thing to do right now is update your doors. An updated door adds tremendous value to a homeowner’s home, especially one made from a material easy to maintain.

The Entry Drags Across the Floor

But wait—if the door drags across the floor, isn’t that a problem? Yes, it is an issue, especially if you have hardwood flooring. As the door moves across the floor, it leaves scratches that worsen over time. Avoid creating a mosaic of scratches on the floor by realigning the entry.

The Hinges Yawn While Moving

It’s not unusual for older homes to have outdated hinges that create noise as the door opens and closes, but it becomes a problem when trying to sleep at night. Noisy hinges disrupt sleep, and the likeliness of breaking down increases when the problem’s not fixed.

If you want your kids to not believe there’s a ghost in the house, change out the hinges. A warped hinge indicates that the door’s tired out and needs a new replacement.

Light Shines Through the Door

The one place your door shouldn’t shine through, under, or around is the entrance, unless it’s opened wide. The sun may be great most days, but the amount increases as the days grow warmer. Too much sunlight is equivalent to drafts; the more sun you see, the more heat and cool air you lose in the house. The point here is to update your home with new entryways. After all, the sooner you replace your doors, the better.

The Door’s Poorly Maintained

A carefully maintained door does not have stains from vandals or bad weather. A fixed door also doesn’t suffer through continuous damage. As a result, you end up with a broken door that makes the home look bad. If you truly want to restore your entry, ensure that it’s looked after often, and repair it whenever damages happen.

No Updated Security Features

A buyer ends up happier when they have a door with updated security features—outdated exterior doors won’t have enhanced safety features, which provides more benefits to homebuyers. The top things you need on the door include a deadbolt, a safety latch that slides to prevent the door from being broken down and built from something like aluminum.

Aluminum’s a stronger material that doesn’t warp or damage easily. If it bends, it’s easier to put back into place than wood or vinyl.

Drafts Have Become Regular

Like sunlight, drafts are something that often happens with poorly insulated doors. Drafts are the biggest telltale signs your door needs to be replaced and occur when the seals shrink and crack, all due to the door’s age.

A drafty door also harms the home’s energy, causing an increase in bills. Once you feel a draft, contact a door replacement company for further steps. They’ll tell you what to do next and provide a quote for the doors.

Your Door’s Out of Style

The biggest issue on this list is the door being out of style. If no one’s updated the door in a long time, this is the right moment to contact someone about a custom door replacement in Orlando. Orlando’s filled with homes that need an improved door style, including yours.

If you notice that your style doesn’t meet your expectations, contact a manufacturer that could create a new door for you to use. By hiring a designer, you have the ability to create something that’s trendy and makes you happy.

There’s Fungi Damage

Another common thing is fungi damage, which happens most often on wooden doors. When termites start to appear, that’s the first warning that you’re about to have an infestation. Don’t let the bugs win; take the house back by replacing your current door with something new and more secure.

When making the adjustments on your house, ensure the material you use is maintainable; without knowing what sort of maintenance you need to do for your entryway, you face the next door becoming damaged. So, keep the door updated by replacing it out and inspecting it at least once a week or after a rainstorm.

In general, you should update your door often, especially with enhanced security features. When it comes time to replace the entryway, you should speak with a door replacement company that not only has vast experience, but also grants the possibility of creative freedom to all homeowners.

Today, you’ll find the lot of us at Florida Window and Door Solutions providing customers with accurate resources on customizing a door that meets their needs and expectations. Customers like yourself need an entryway that exceeds their expectations, and we believe we can make that happen for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re ready to go over questions and discuss financial options. Everyone here at Florida Window and Door Solutions can’t wait to hear about your project and what you plan to do next. We can’t wait to replace your door with something newer and better.

The Telltale Signs You Need To Replace Your Exterior Doors