With so much that goes into your window and door replacements, certain things are required to get your repairs approved by the community building inspector. As you learn about the Florida building codes, know that there are other things to know about Florida home and window permits.

You Need a Location Specific Permit

Like anywhere else in the country, you need to request a permit from your property’s location to get to work. Even if it’s a vacation home or a rental property, homeowners need a license from their property’s town.

Each town’s requirements are unique, so reach out to the town hall and ask about their application requirements. Since certain parts of Florida require different things, it’s best to learn your local area’s building codes, especially if you’re placing in hurricane impact windows.

An Application’s Required To Request A License

Unfortunately, you can’t walk out of city hall with a permit on the same day—it doesn’t work that way. When registering or applying for a certificate, you must specify the purpose, what permits you need, and the property type.

If you work with a contractor, you do not need certification to install new windows and doors. However, it’s better to work with a licensed Florida window and door company that has experience working with storm panes and entryways.

The Local Building Department Needs the Forms and Fees

Whether online or in-person, every required item, such as forms and fees, needs to go to the local building department. When delivering your application and payments, ensure everything’s sealed up in the same manila envelope so that it stays organized.

After filling out the forms, you must have them notarized. You won’t get the license for several weeks while those go under review. Find out more about that in the next section.

The Application Process Takes a While

Sadly, the application process isn’t automatic—in other words, you don’t get the permit on the same day you apply. In fact, you get it several weeks or months later. If you apply around the same time everyone else does at the peak of hurricane season, your application’s likely to be delayed or canceled.

In some circumstances, applications get canceled or postponed because of evacuation protocols for the town. Be prepared to submit early so that you’re not straggling behind to get consent from the building department.

These are the things to know when applying for a Florida window and door permit. Requesting consent takes time, and it’s essential to reach out to the building department for questions about the process and other things you might not already know.

Once you’ve received your permit, you have permission to replace your doors and windows. Before you do that, ensure you work with a certified company, such as Florida Window and Door Solutions. We promise that the replacement process will be done promptly. Contact us for information on our Florida home window and door replacement services.