Your front porch is the number one spot you need to tend to if you want to increase your property value or have guests feel welcome. We don’t mean slabbing a new coat of paint on or even exchanging windows for new ones—there’s more to it. Here’s our list of the best tips for creating a stunning front porch.

Use a Nature-Inspired Palette

If you happen to have a home in the country, or you’re a city dweller that enjoys using nature-inspired decor pieces, consider using a palette inspired by nature. The color skein for this would consist of blues, browns, and greens. Using a nature-inspired palette will make the atmosphere of your porch feel calm and tranquil.

Create a Stone Path

Sometimes, you want your home to feel like it was pulled from a fairy tale (even if you don’t live in a cabin in the woods.) If you happen to have a walkway that requires you to walk uphill, consider transforming it into walking steps. Adding a stone path is customarily done with patios, but having stone stairs lead up to your front door will make your visitors feel welcome, and they might even compliment your stone path all evening.

Consider Adding Seating

Your area calls for needed seating, and if you want to show off your front porch, having the proper seating can set the tone of your veranda. To achieve this, look for outdoor furniture made with polypropylene fabric. This fabric is because it holds plenty of resistance against UV rays. When used on cushions, polypropylene can dry quickly when wet and won’t stain easily. After purchasing your furniture, arrange it in a comfortable and conversational way.

If you enjoy talking with friends and neighbors, designate one area for conversations by centering the furniture at an angle. That way, there is a gap to allow guests to enter and leave. Also, don’t forget to include tables for your guests to put down their drinks. We also recommend getting coasters if you don’t like condensation rings left on your table.

Paint Your Door

Your door is an essential part of the porch look. Since you’re creating a theme for your front porch, the color of your door should match your theme. The first thing we’d recommend doing before painting your door is to replace the entry door. By replacing it with something new, you’re saving on energy costs, and you’re opening your mind to other considerations for a custom entry door. At Florida Window and Door Solutions, we believe your front door is what truly helps add property value to your home. Not only that, but it also makes guests feel warm and welcomed into your abode.

Add Curtains for Privacy

Drawing drapes for a movie night on your enclosed porch will help bring privacy whenever you want or need it. When installing curtains or drapes, consider the amount of space you have and your type of windows. If you have long windows, long, weighty drapes during the winter will help trap heat. For smaller windows, use blinds or curtains. If you opt for something else, consider installing a lattice where you can grow plants or place ivy to help bring in greenery and added privacy.

Install an Awning

Other than your front door, your awning, rails, and walkway are the other essential elements that attract attention. If you don’t have a natural awning on your porch, consider installing one (or a trellis.) Either of these will help make your home stand out. If you’re focused on foliage and the design of the ground, consider changing up the railings. If there aren’t a ton of plants in an area, place a barrier to make the space feel a little fuller.

Update Your House Numbers

If your home address numbers are difficult to see from afar, consider updating them to appear bigger and bolder. Renewing your address numbers is a fun, budget-friendly way to spruce up your front porch a little more. There are many choices to pick from, especially if your porch has a theme. Also, don’t be afraid to place the numbers in a new space, such as a planter box. The update will help give your home an entirely new look.

Spruce Your Porch Up With Flowers and Plants

We have to heed the advice of our green thumb friends and get a little more creative with plants and flowers. No matter the season or moment of the year, you can always add plants or flowers around your porch to make the paint color pop and create a relaxing environment. Use urns, mason jars, or vases, fill them with flowers or other plants and place them in various spaces.

In the winter, you can replace your summer and fall flowers with something more remarkable in tone. During other times of the year, focus on adding other smaller potted plants and flowers to various corners of your terrace. You can use multiple types of container sizes; this can create an interesting visual effect on your home’s front. Attach flower boxes to windows and railings and place vibrant flowers inside the containers.

Add Lighting

Porch lights are wonderful to look at, and they’re often forgotten when fixing up a porch area. When reviewing the tips for creating a stunning front porch, make sure you include lighting fixtures on your list. They’ll help your front patio feel inviting and welcoming to everyone who comes over. Lighting is tricky because you want to make sure it’s suitable for the outdoor environment (for example, don’t use something like a chandelier and expect it to hold up as well as an outdoor hanging lantern.)

If you’re searching for traditional lighting, consider a light that flushes into the walls rather than a light that droops down. If you’re feeling the need for something a little more modern and unique, consider purchasing a pendant light. A pendant light is a glass enclosure that can illuminate any space to create a focal point.

Front porches are an essential element to any home—so take advantage of yours and make it beautiful. While researching how to transform your porch into a beautiful, picturesque space, check out Florida Window and Doors Solutions. They can help make your porch dreams a reality by helping you get the right door. Your front door will help get you prepared for the next phase of your front porch renovation.

Tips for Creating a Stunning Front Porch