The front door of your home is the first thing people will see when they come into your house, setting the scene for the rest of your home. That’s why choosing a good front door color can be important, as it greets all your guests. Consider implementing these tips to help you choose the perfect colors for your front door.

Match Your Surroundings

When you start looking at colors for your door, the first thing you should do is consider the surrounding area. The color scheme can change depending on what’s around your home and front door. A home with a large garden will utilize different colors than an urban home with mostly gray and muted tones around. Always consider the aesthetic of your home’s exterior when deciding which color would be best for your front door.

Monochromatic or Designs

Most front doors fall into two different styles: monochromatic or designed. Monochromatic doors use only one color on the entire door, transforming it into a great centerpiece of your home’s exterior. However, you can always paint designs on your front door if you want something with a bit more flare. However, keep in mind that matching your style and surroundings is a lot harder to do with complex designs.

Color Your Trim

There are many things that people forget when it comes to choosing the colors for their front door. For example, the trim and frame of your door are worth coloring as well so that they can blend with the surroundings and the door itself.

Stick to Your Style

One of the best tips for choosing the best front door colors is matching the style of your home with the colors you choose. Bright, vibrant colors can clash with muted tones and break your style. Try to match your door to the feel of the rest of your home without choosing a color that disappears into the design.

Following these tips should help you create a beautiful home that everyone will be happy to see and walk into. Remember that an entry door replacement will give you the best canvas to paint on. Front doors play a crucial role in your home’s appearance and set the whole tone for your house, so consider starting fresh with gorgeous styles and colors.