The coming of winter means the holidays are right around the corner. This is a time full of festive cheer, and most folks want to express this on the outside of their homes. Here are some great ways to decorate your front door for the holiday season.

A Classic Wreath

We all think of wreaths as a tried-and-true classic of the holiday season. Incorporating this decorative element in your festive décor always works. You can go with a natural pine green variety paired with lights to help illuminate the space at night.

Alternatively, you may want a wreath that says more about your sense of style. This is a fun way to personalize your décor. If you love the beach, consider adorning your front door with a wreath made of shells. People who love shiny and glamorous decorations may want to hang up one made of ornaments.

Sparkling Lights

String up festive lights to decorate your front door for the holiday season. You might not want to be as heavy-handed as Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but you still want a lovely focal point that makes you smile whenever you enter your house.

You can approach this decorating method in a few different ways. One to consider is hanging up a festive garland around the pre-lit frame. Incorporate the classic pine green style again if you’re a traditionalist. Stringing icicle lights right above the door is another option that will catch the eyes of all passersby in the neighborhood.

Homey Touches

Add a few homey touches to the front door to pull the holiday décor together. There is no right or wrong way to do this as long as the season’s spirit is in your heart.

Consider adding the following:

  • A festive sign showing an encouraging phrase about the holiday season
  • A cozy doormat welcoming guests
  • Cute outdoor figurines with lights, such as a snowman, reindeer, or Santa

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