A hurricane can cause all sorts of major issues, considering the wind and weather battering your home. If you live somewhere where hurricanes occur, do what you can to protect your home early. They can damage doors and windows, especially big sliding glass doors. Here’s what you can do to protect your sliding doors from a hurricane.

Add Storm Panels and Shutters

Your best option for protecting glass doors may be to cover your door to prevent the wind from hitting it. Storm panels and storm shutters are additional parts you can get to close off your sliding doors and protect them. These are great for blocking debris and high winds during a major storm.

Purchase Impact Doors

Normal sliding glass doors can break under the pressure of hurricane winds and flying debris. You can improve your door’s strength by investing in impact doors. These high-impact-resistant options can take a beating before they break, even withstanding a hurricane near your home. Many states where hurricanes are common require these doors. In fact, almost all Florida sliding doors near the coast are impact doors capable of handling intense winds.

Install Hurricane Film

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-implement way to protect your doors, hurricane film could be the answer. You place this film over your windows and doors to strengthen them against impacts. It’s not as protective as shutters or impact doors, but it does provide some extra protection.

Perform Proper Maintenance

If you want your doors to stand up to a bad storm or hurricane, you need to perform proper maintenance. A common issue is wear on your sealant as your door ages. You can avoid this and other issues with good maintenance, like replacing sealant or cleaning your doors to limit wear. Good maintenance will keep your doors in good condition, helping you protect your sliding glass doors in a hurricane.

When you take the proper precautions beforehand and keep up with your maintenance, your door will be in the best shape possible for the hurricane. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfectly safe or offers the best protection. Always listen to local recommendations for evacuation and other safety precautions when it comes to a major storm like a hurricane.