Hurricanes are some of the most intense storms in the world, with the ability to destroy entire buildings in seconds. People miles away from the storm can experience the intense winds and rain that damage and decimate homes. That’s why doing what you can to protect your windows is a key part of living in areas with hurricanes. We recommend the following protections:

Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are a powerful tool you can use to cover and protect your windows from the intense rain and wind of a huge storm. Though they take some time to install, they can take the brunt of the storm and help protect your windows from flying debris.

Use Plywood

Suppose you don’t have the resources to install storm shutters. This is where some good plywood will come in handy. Getting thick pieces of wood to cover your windows will work similarly to storm shutters, but they won’t be as effective. Still, it’s better than nothing and works well in a pinch.

Impact-Resistant Windows

While you’ll still want to cover your windows to protect them, you can also compare window companies in Florida and have your preferred service team upgrade them. Impact-resistant windows can withstand many of the dangers created by hurricanes. They are great at surviving a heavy storm, as they can take more of a beating than traditional windows. These, along with plywood or storm shutters, can best protect your home.

Clean Up Your Home

One of the biggest dangers to your windows in a storm is the small debris the wind picks up and throws around. That’s why regularly cleaning up your yard and around your home’s exterior is a great way to protect your windows in a hurricane. You could even go a step further and encourage your neighbors to participate in a weekly neighborhood clean-up to ensure everyone’s windows are safe when the next storm comes.

While a hurricane is capable of great destruction, doing everything you can to protect your home can make a huge difference. That’s why preparing well before a storm is key to preventing as much damage as possible when you live in a place where hurricanes are possible.