Inside the home, you will surround yourself with different décor styles, furniture, and amenities for entertainment and relaxation. As you work to create a functional and appealing home design, keep in mind that the interior and exterior spaces should reflect each other. Here are ways to tie your indoor and outdoor areas together.

Blend the Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Sometimes, homeowners don’t consider how to extend their indoor places to the outdoors. This can make hosting a large crowd and effectively using your home for entertaining difficult. Say you have friends over for a party; you don’t want to limit the eating space to your kitchen or dining room and crowd everyone indoors.

Take things outside by expanding the dining experience to the outdoors. Create a patio with a shade and outdoor table and chairs for additional seating. Consider carrying over colors and décor to maintain the aesthetic while bringing mealtime outside.

Add in Greenery

If you have a garden, you’re going to want to take advantage of your greenery placement. While fitting plants around the outside wall of your home, consider placing some on the windowsill to connect the spaces.

Spreading indoor plants out will help redefine the shape and size of your room and make the outside feel like additional botanical space. Greenery is a subtle element that creates a welcoming feeling and draws a grand first impression in both spaces.

Open Up Your Floorplan

It’s difficult to truly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces without opening your floorplan. Although you could knock a wall down, it’s best to add an archway or glass entry. When opening the floorplan, a simple door is enough to make the room appear bigger and connected.

The transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces isn’t complete without a sliding door. Sliding doors create a bigger space and a natural progression into a new room. Contact our team at FWDS to design beautiful sliding glass doors for your Florida home.

Find Your Décor Style Before Starting

Right before you start decorating, consider your décor style. The decorative style you choose is personal and represents who you are. For example, if you have a rustic living room, ensure the porch reflects that with vintage furniture and other countryside elements.

Use small things like furniture, sculpture, or color to make your patio or yard feel like an extension of your indoor space. Represent yourself in your home by sticking to a style you like best.

While exploring ways to tie indoor and outdoor spaces together, you should contact Florida Window and Door Solutions for replacement windows and entries. Our services help enhance a home and create spaces that blend seamlessly.