What is a French door? By plain definition, a French door is a door with glass spanning its length. This means it’s possible for a single door to technically be a French door, although this is rare. Here are some other things you probably didn’t know about French doors.

They are energy efficient

Because of the excess glass compared to a regular door, there is a common misconception that French doors are not energy efficient—but this isn’t true. With the right glass and installation methods, they’re extremely energy efficient. Getting Energy Star labeled French doors could mean big savings on heating and cooling costs.

They really originated in France

Many people tend to discount things labeled “French” as a simple grasp for an upper-class feel, mostly due to the incorrectly labeled “French fries.” What is a French door? It turns out, however, that French doors actually did originate in France! During the French renaissance, open and airy spaces swept the nation. Small openings onto Juliette balconies were replaced by French windows, which are what French doors started out as. The trend spread to England and eventually landed in the United States—namely, in New Orleans.

They are durable

The glass can be deceiving—French doors are actually pretty tough. Investing in French windows and doors made with heavier materials, such as fiberglass, can protect your home from storms and extend the life of your doors. These doors can help protect from the Florida sun’s bright UV light —they’ve even been known to hold up in severe tropical storms.

They have an enlarging effect on rooms

French doors are known to make your rooms feel bigger. With added natural sunlight and easy views of your patio or outdoor space, your room can feel extended. This was the intent of French windows, the original design of French doors. They are meant to create more open spaces and almost act as a seamless connection from indoors to outdoors without losing the protection a door brings.

Consider all these facts and more when deciding if French doors are right for your home. Contact Florida Window and Door Solutions today for a free estimate!