Weather plays a large part in how builders construct houses. Here in Florida, we must contend with hurricanes and seasonal storms. To protect your home from strong wind and rain, you should install windows that are extra sturdy. When discussing this subject, you’ll hear about hurricane windows and impact-resistant windows. Find the answer to the question, “What is the difference between hurricane and impact windows?” with our explanation.

Hurricane Windows

Although people do use these labels interchangeably, technically, the hurricane distinction is broader. It simply signifies that a window meets Florida Building Code standards for resisting hurricane-strength winds. The winds that a hurricane generates can create pressure differences that will cause regular windows to break or otherwise open. This can then lead to further damages, as open windows can allow strong wind to tear the roof off of a home. Hurricane windows will prevent wind pressure-based damages like this. However, they’re still vulnerable to the forces of physical objects that might hit them. For full protection, you could install non-impact hurricane windows and cover them with hurricane shutters, but this setup can be pricey and will require lots of maintenance over time. Shutters may also blow off when a storm is bad enough.

Impact Windows

Impact windows offer full protection by themselves. These windows are still hurricane-grade products and will stand up to wind, water, and also physical forces. Impact-resistant windows are able to do this because they have multiple layers of glass with transparent plastic-like films between them. When one layer of glass breaks, the laminate layer between the glass sheets keeps the window from falling apart. Due to this, impact-resistant windows can guard your home against flying debris and large projectiles that may hit them during a powerful tempest. Moreover, because they’re hurricane rated, impact windows can flex when faced with strong winds. This allows them to remain undamaged and free of gaps that could let water and wind into your house.

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