Natural light has many advantages for both you and your home. From elevating your personal health to raising your home’s market value, there are countless reasons to consider adding more natural lighting to your home. Check out these reasons why you should add natural light to your home.

Conserves energy and money

More natural lighting in your home means less energy you’ll have to use. This means you won’t have as much need for your artificial lighting, so you most likely will use lamps and overhead lighting much less—thus, conserving energy. Also, if you update older windows for energy-efficient ones, your home’s temperature will be better regulated. This conserves the energy needed to heat your home in the winter or cool it in the summer. In turn, this can save you quite a bit on your heating and cooling bills.

Better for your plants

Your indoor plants will thank you for adding more natural light options to your home. No more crowding all the plants in one windowsill or foregoing plants all together because your home lacks light. House plants can improve your home’s air quality and bring it to life. With the additional natural lighting, these plants can flourish without taking turns in the sun.

Can reduce stress and anxiety

Exposure to natural light and the sun is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Especially if you work a job indoors with artificial lighting, it’s imperative to come home to a space with plenty of sunshine to keep your spirits up.

Can help your vitamin D levels

Getting more sunlight positively contributes to your vitamin D levels. These are known to drop drastically in the winter when sunlight is limited, but there are ways to counteract it. Opening up your home to the natural glow outside—even if it’s reflecting off the snow and into your living room—can help you soak up more vitamin D.

Makes your home feel more spacious

Natural lighting can make your home feel more open and spacious. Pair your new windows with wall-hung mirrors to make even your smallest room feel twice as large. Adding more windows or skylights to cramped hallways or tiny bedrooms really makes the space livable and open.

Can increase home value

More natural lighting can increase your home’s value. Due to natural lighting’s various benefits, it is a very appealing home quality to potential buyers. It will make the space feel larger to the prospective buyers and help them fall in love with your home. This is why adding natural light to your home is important.

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